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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oath Flub

Apparently, two Harvard Law Review editors cannot perform a simple task-- like reciting a one sentence oath.

What is truly odd is that I was making jokes about this very possibility yesterday. Last night, my Facebook status read: “Tyler will not watch the inauguration: he has already memorized the oath of office that he will take in 20 years. 9:44pm.” Then, this morning, I joked with a fellow student that it would be funny if, after all this work, Obama messed up the oath. What then we asked? Would he not be president if he said something like “I do solemnly afflirmered…”?

Of course, after seeing the Oath That Will Live in Infamy (and YouTube), I quickly updated my Facebook status to: “Tyler re: my last status: Apparently, Obama missed the note to memorize the oath. Not even in office and I already out shine him! 1:11pm.”

Already the Obamaites are blaming Roberts for missing the wording because he did not use notes. In reality, both were at fault, but this “historic” oath was the first of such importance for both men. In reality, the flub does not really matter. In reality, this moment will end up on gag reels and have little consequence.

I suppose that the highly paranoid elements of the government will or have arranged for the President to retake the oath to make sure everything is constitutional.

Perhaps the Anointed One is really just a man after all.