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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Turning Pork into Bacon

It is official: the Anointed One and his tax and spend buddies just put America in a massive amount of debt. The “stimulus plan” gives us a lot of tasty pork. Even assuming that Keynesian economic theory works (it does not), most of the spending will not kick in for twelve to twenty-four months, and who knows what the economic situation will look like then. Really, the voters placed their trust in those who promise free money and give the siren call that regulation will solve problems. This is a dark time for freedom.

However, good can come from this.

Let each person use his $13 dollars per week to educate himself. Some suggestions to start your reading list:

By reading these books, each citizen will recognize the lies of the collectivists. Perhaps then, and only then, we will resist future calls for free money and government solutions.