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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lying Government

The Rocky Mountain News reported today on a series of sightings. Before you go all UFO on me, wait. It appears that Special Operations Command was running a series of training exercises in the Denver area.

What shocked me was the line:
"Military and police officials dismissed reports that the exercise was preparation for the Democratic National Convention coming to Denver in August."
OF COURSE this was a training exercise for the upcoming Democratic National Convention! For one week, Denver will be one of the biggest terrorist targets in the nation.

This is why I will boycott Denver during the DNC. Yes, I do have a mild fear that there could be an attack (this is the world we live in now). Also, though, I would be working next to the "Free Speech Zone." The chanters and protesters will be an annoyance. Some groups have promised violence. Who needs to deal with all of that just to go to work in an office with broken a/c?

Nah, I'll take a vacation instead.

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