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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Department of Interior Decorating

The Senate confirmed Ken Salazar as the new Secretary of the Interior.

I am still perplexed as to why Salazar, an up-and-comer in the Senate chose to work in the administration at such a sub-par job. Whenever Republicans control the administration, DoI is not well respected-- mostly due to the negative press garnered by lawsuits filed by environmental groups demanding the protection of some rodent. Conversely, when Democrats control the DoI, the courts sometimes feel bound to reign in the extremist environmentalist policies which hurt the property and liberty rights of businesses as well as average people. Basically, no matter who heads up the DoI, someone is angry with him.

All of that said, perhaps I won't have to look at that silly hat he wears anymore.
"Ken Salazar promised a more ethical, scientific Department of the Interior."

This is code for more active work on Global Warming. The Anointed One has already stated his belief in and desire to combat Global Warming (as, incidentally, did John McCain), despite the fact that there is no consensus on the issue, whether it is man-made, or how to combat it.

Therefore, expect more restrictions on the use of our supposed "public lands"-- heavy restrictions on motor vehicle use in the parks, limitations on hunting and fishing, more aggressive bans on logging, and heavy restrictions on oil and gas development.

(Because, really, this guy and these guys need more of our money).

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