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Friday, April 18, 2008


Today I registered for the fall term.

After the first year, the law school only requires two specific courses, and then a few courses from general categories. The specific courses are Evidence and Legal Ethics. The general categories are Seminars (2 credits), Practice (these courses presently include all clinical courses, Trial Advocacy courses, and Law Practice Management).

I was able to satisfy half of those requirements. I will be taking Evidence (a prerequisite for nearly every class) and the Seminar is going to be taught by a State Supreme Court justice. That is a good thing. I missed out on Legal Ethics (well, I’m waitlist spot number 23), but I will take it in the spring term instead.

I think I am trying to work myself to death. I am registered for 19 credits of classes. Then, I plan to join the law review (if I am accepted) and possibly the moot court too. I am president of the school’s Federalist Society chapter and active in the Christian Legal Society. I might be stretching myself too thin. No matter what, I will continue my dependence on caffeine.

I am not entirely sure which specialty to pursue. I really like appellate advocacy, where I can argue about the law (rather than facts at the trial level). I am also interested in Water and Property Law for same policy-motivated reasons. If I was looking only to make money, I might go into Intellectual Property. I don’t enjoy criminal law that much.

Either way, it is another load off of my mind. I am set for the next term. Now, off to preparing for the summer job.

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